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City of Davenport text communication is now available.


Text us at 509.721.7716 with any comments or questions.

Opt-In for alerts by texting the word DAVENPORT to 91896

You can now text the City of Davenport to find information and report issues on the go.
Need more information and not sure where to look?  We know that wading through a website, even a user friendly website can be daunting.  To make things easier, the City of Davenport has partnered with TextMyGov so you can find what you are looking for through a simple text. 
Looking for pool hours? When City Council Meetings take place and at what time? Perhaps, you want to know when the utility bills are due. Look no further and text the word "Hi" to 509.721.7716 You can report issues such as water leaks, potholes, stray dogs, and code violations by texting the word report to 509.721.7716
The City of Davenport also offers alert notifications. Stay in the know by texting the word DAVENPORT to 91896 to get signed up for notifications.
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