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Mountain View Cemetery

Please click here to view a map of Mountain View Cemetery. (you can search by names to find grave locations)  If you would like to see which graves are available, please type "Available" into the last name search function. Call City Hall at 509-725-4352 for more information regarding Mountain View Cemetery.


Cemetery Fees*

Graves $500.00
Open & Close (week-days) $450.00
Open & Close (Saturday) $750.00
Open & Close (under 24 months) $200.00
Open & Close (urn) $150.00
Exhumation $325.00
Niche $600.00

Niche (open & close)

Memoriam (name, year, death) $150.00

* per DMC 2.44.030    Please see City Hall for a complete list of fees



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