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Davenport Community Garden

Our purpose is to promote community involvement, gardening and healthy lifestyles through a community garden that belongs to us, the citizens of the City of Davenport.  A community garden serves the community by:

  • Encouraging people to grow their own food, which provides better nutrition and self sufficiency.
  • Feeding our community through food bank donations.
  • Involving children in gardening which provides education and experience.
  • Better health through physical exercise.
  • Provides access to gardening to those who don't have it, or more space to those who desire it.
  • Providing a space for community groups to work together.
  • The unification of our community in a project that not only beautifies our town, but creates purpose for it's citizens and unites them in a common love of gardening.

Please call City Hall at 509-725-4352 for a User Agreement and for more information.

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