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photos of Davenport, WA

January 10, 1899

January 10, 1899
January 10, 1899

Top RowCouncilmemberWilliam Finney
CouncilmemberPat Dillon
CouncilmemberFred Zuehlke
Second RowCouncilmemberA.W. Turner
TreasurerA. Hoople
MayorAdam Knox
Police, JudgeO.B. Parks
Bottom RowAttorneyH. Martin
CouncilmemberC.G. Snyder
MarshallL.A. Kennedy


John C. Davenport

Mr. John C. Davenport
Mr. John C. Davenport
Surrounded by picturesque wheat fields the community of Davenport dates back to about 1880, when a man named Aloysius Harker took up the land where Davenport is now located to build a town.  He built a combination saloon, store and post office near the springs and was first postmaster of what was then called Cottonwood Springs.  The next year, in July 1881, John H. Nicholls and his wife Emma newly married decide to make Cottonwood Springs their home.  Then in 1882, John C. Davenport started a rival town on higher ground to the south located on Main Street and called it Davenport.   The town of Davenport thrived, but less than a year a fire destroyed every building in town but the saloon.  The saloon keeper moved back down to Cottonwood Springs taking the name of Davenport with him, and Davenport it remained.

Community Clean Up Days 1922 /1923

Left to Right:  Roy Fox, Oscar Leipham, C.A. Pettijohn, Bob Anderson, Dave McCallum, Dr. Poynter, Bob Cassells, Ben Hamilton, Walter McAuney, R.M. Dye, Roy Morse, Joe Weik, Chas. Tyson, Henry Kahse, Joe Aldridge.
Front: Viola Bond, John Bond, Lloyd Campbell

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